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Experienced Front End Developer Casino

We are looking for a developer with a strong sense and experience of frontend development, to join an involved team of developers, and become one of the experts in the team.

The projects you will be working on, have a central importance in our multinational organization: they are the casino web client (~85% of work) and the development and testing tools ecosystem accompanying it.

Our projects use mainly:

           - TypeScript, JavaScript ES6, ReactJS with TS, SASS and Angular 7 on front-end

           - C#/.Net, MSSQL on back-end


We care a lot about code and product quality and about having the right processes in place for this.

CI/CD, unit testing, E2E automation and production monitoring are part of our daily activities, supported by dedicated Devops teams.

Why join us?

           - the team atmosphere, passionate and with a strong interest, AND management support, for writing quality code and following best practices

           - professional development plans, with budget, within a friendly team vibe

           - knowledge sharing is one of our super-powers, and you can have it too

           - daily casual atmosphere, with nice little events to remind us that each success deserves celebration, but also big crazy parties twice a year

           - exposure to multinational and multicultural environment, only the Romanian community having more than 300 members and continuing to grow fast

           - we do have cookies


Why not join us?

           - because you don't care about the quality of the code you write, as long as you deliver the feature

           - because you think unit testing is useless and you do it only because some manager said so

           - because your code smells, but you're doing your best to hide it

           - because you don't like new technologies, and prefer to stay with what you know already

           - because you're very formal and can't stand people joking at work

           - because you're on a diet, and can't resist cookies

What we think you should have/be:

           - very good knowledge of TypeScript, JavaScript ES 6 and above, ReactJs(with TS) framework

           - reasonable knowledge of HTML and CSS/SASS, Flexbox, Angular 7, etc.

           - strong interest and good familiarity with OOP, design patterns, and best practices in front-end development

           - a lot of front-end development experience, being able to find different solutions to a front-end problem, handling confidently technology decisions, and recognizing with ease front-end "usual suspects"

           - passion for code, for constantly finding the zero-compromise solution, be driven never to let behind "code that smells" when you find it, but instead refactor it and tackle the impact.

           - unit testing and E2E testing experience is an important asset

           - have some knowledge of servers and back-end

           - creativity, dedication and "can do" attitude

           - some experience with Agile methodology

           - be a good teammate

About the role:

You will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the front-end services, components and configuration that build the casino client, for both mobile and PC, and for the many different markets and regulations where we deploy our product. Your work will be done mainly in TypeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, CSS/SASS, having code quality and product stability as main concerns. You will use tools and other technologies specific to front end development, such as Webstorm, GIT, TFS( for requirements and bug tracking), Mocha, Chai, Cypress, Jest, Jenkins, Kibana, etc. You role will be important for the team, as an expert on front end, providing best solutions and guidance on front-end development topics.

You can visit for a sample of what the result of your work will be.


           - design and create reusable and testable code for the features that you develop

           - analyze and fix bugs

           - maintain, and refactor existing features and code

           - perform code reviews with teammates and be a part of the commit’s approval process

           - write unit tests and/or E2E tests for the features that you develop

           - provide QA with impact and assistance on testing the features and bug fixes that you deliver

           - integrate your code with other software components delivered by other teams, and help them understand integration issues

           - analyze performance issues and implement optimizations

           - create tools for internal use to ease QA processes and workflow

           - share the technical and project knowledge that you have with other team members

           - work in Agile SCRUM methodology, delivering within reasonable time frames, and providing input and updates in the meetings


POSITION | Experienced Front End Developer Casino | Position ID: 06.E0E

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